Impact Report & Strategic Vision 2022

Since launching in 2020, FastFutures has grown into a full-scale movement that transforms lives.

 The report charts the top of achievements of 2022,  including the BT Group sponsorship which supported 1,600 learners, Department for Education funding awards to deliver four critical skills bootcamps, and a pledge to upskill 10,000 learners in 2023. 

Read the full report to learn more and get a glimpse into what 2023 and beyond will look like!

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What is FastFutures? 

FastFutures, powered by Avado, is a movement championing ambitious and diverse talent across the UK. FastFutures focuses on training and development of key digital skills via Apprenticeships and Skills Bootcamps, provides employability support to its learners whilst supporting the UK’s most ambitious organisations with a talent pipeline and upskilling their existing talent. 

FastFutures was launched in 2020, as a unique work-readiness programme for diverse young people to future proof their careers in an environment disrupted by the pandemic.  Since then, it has grown into a movement that has supported 7000+ learners.  

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In the news: Launching the UK’s first Generative AI training

Training includes a Generative-AI Skills bootcamp, new Generative-AI focused modules for Data & Digital Apprenticeships and the Digital Career Accelerator Bootcamp. Kicking-off with a workshop for senior leaders and a series of live webinars over February 2023! 

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